We are now Guidestar certified, Schwab DAF approved, and set up on iGive for shoppers


More to come, but this now allows potential supporters to find us and do due diligence via the Guidestar.org website.  Additionally, now that we have been approved as a qualified organization to receive donations from individuals who have invested in the Schwab Donor-Advised Fund, we have that extra layer of validation to communicate to potential contributors. 

Do your shopping at iGive and help support Accelerate Progress!  iGive brings together a lot of leading retailers, including Amazon, Coldwater Creek, Land’s End, Patagonia, Lane Bryant, Overstock.com, and so many more, and if you shop from their iGive website to these retailers, Accelerate Progress receives a small percentage (from about 2-20%, averages around 3%) of your purchase and you don’t have to do anything special, just shop!  Just register at iGive and shop away!  Click the link below and it will start you on your way, knowing that Accelerate Progress sent you! 



Additional avenues of support to be added.

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