The Current Issues section of our website will provide timely and relevant material to provoke additional thought on what we see as important current areas of focus.  Current issues will be kept timely by a series of ‘by invitation’ pieces contributed by Accelerate Progress advisers and outside experts.  The intent will be to provide vigorous and inciteful arguments upon which solid foundations can be built to accelerate progress.  Debate and elaboration will be encouraged, as will a push to include actionable steps within such pieces or examples upon which action items can be built. 


An Introduction to and education on the Access, Care, Compassion, and Ethics for Seriously Ill Patients Act, referenced as S. 3046 and H.R. 6270

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The 10-year look back…

An examination of the intent of 1997's Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act ("FDAMA") and what goals we have and have not achieved

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