The Patient’s Page(s) at Accelerate Progress are designed to be both a trusted resource for patients themselves as well as a forum to pay tribute to the strength and courage of so many who often go unrecognized or unnoticed in their fights.  We will provide links to basic information about various cancers, using largely third-party content and links, but supplemented with internal information as necessary.  We will include links to information on clinical trials, support and advocacy groups, and more.  Finally, we will provide an easy to use Tributes page for our Patrons of Progress to use that will offer support, encouragement, and remembrances for those who are involved in the daily fight against cancer and other life-threatening diseases, be they patients, caregivers, friends, family, or others inspired to pay tribute. 


Prostate Cancer

An introduction to prostate cancer, which currently kills more than 27,000 men in the U.S. alone each year

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Foundational Pieces…

Core readings that provide core support for the mission and work of Accelerate Progress

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Tributes to Carol…

"You Light Up My Life" by Rawley Thomas and fellow Celebrants

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