How You Can Help

Becoming a Patron of Progress

Accelerate Progress does not accept donations from biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and related medical device makers who develop new therapies or devices to fight life-threatening diseases. 

This means we need to find financial support from a broad group of individuals, foundations, and other groups who recognize that we must take action now to Accelerate Progress for this generation and future generations to benefit.  Your support helps us in our fight to increase research to make discovery, development, and use of safe and effective new treatments more efficient (translated: faster and less costly meaning more choices, better choices, fewer dollars spent). and fund research to discover better ways to design and evaluate clinical research trials (translated: discovering ways to get from ‘bench to bedside’ faster for promising and potentially lifesaving therapies).  All levels of supporters will be included in our “Patrons of Progress” circle.  There is no minimum donation size for this support level, every bit helps.  Suggested minimum donations for those considering a “Tribute” are $10 to cover additional costs associated with that section.

Becoming a Founding Patron

In addition to the “Patrons of Progress”, we are offering the opportunity to be recognized as a “Founding Patron” for a minimum donation of $500.  Founding Patrons will be recognized on the site with whatever inscription they may choose. 

How to Make a Donation to Accelerate Progress

Financial donations can be made via check or using credit card or bank account via Paypal using the button below.  These donations may be made in your own name or ‘in memory of’ and will be represented accordingly in your thank you card and receipt.  We can also work with you to set up future bequests, take donations of stock or other items to be donated for auction, and/or create a monthly auto-deducting contribution to Accelerate Progress. 

Donations can be made for specific purposes (i.e. funding our direct research into advanced trial designs, better statistical analyses, and biomarkers/diagnostics for instance) or for unrestricted purposes.  Unrestricted funds might be used, for instance, to cover travel expenses for a trip to D.C. to provide a Congressional briefing on the needs of patients fighting life-threatening disease.  We are also working to build an endowment to cover ongoing operating expenses for the period between now and the final analysis of our progress against the IRCI 2018 plan.  Once our endowment is set, a regular withdrawal from the foundation (primarily from investment returns and principal only as needed per the plan) will cover the annual operating expenses (travel, etc.) of the organization and 100% of future funds raised will go directly to funding primary research efforts across our mission (diagnostics, regulatory research, trial design research, additional exploration on relevant high-priority topics, etc.).

The Paypal “Donate” button below will allow you to use a checking account or credit card to donate directly to Accelerate Progress. 

We are a recognized 501(c)3 public charity under IRS regulations, so your donations (be they cash, stock, or other) are tax-deductible to the extent provided for by law.  We will provide a receipt for tax purposes after processing of your donation.  Check with your tax advisor for additional information. 

If you would prefer to donate via check or other method, please

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