Everyone agrees that we should do more for patients fighting cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  Far too many of us know at least one person – family, friend, or colleague who is either currently fighting or has died from cancer or another life-threatening disease.  More than 500,000 people, adults and children, will succumb to cancer this year alone in the United States.  Millions more die from other fatal diseases each year. 

The substantial progress that has been made in our fundamental understanding in the biology of the many diseases we call “cancer”, since the signing of the National Cancer Act in 1971, can only benefit cancer patients if we have policies that fully address the challenge.  These must include systems of development and regulatory approve that provide for the efficient translations of advances in laboratory research into a public benefit in a timely manner.

Accelerate Progress is here to identify those systemic issues and policies and provide leadership in helping to implement meaningful improvements that will result in faster development and approval of beneficial new therapies.  More options, more time with loved ones, more lives saved, lowered costs of treatment, all benefits of accelerating progress.  The time is now. 

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Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to Accelerate Progress.  If you see something we should be involved with or hear someone who is looking for education and guidance on these issues, or call and let us know.  Your help will make a difference. 

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2009 Look Ahead and Key Funding Needs

Our look ahead to 2009 along with a list of key fundraising needs and goals

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How you can help Accelerate Progress financially. Because we don't accept donations from many corporate donors in the field, we need your help

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Additional Methods

We're always looking for new ways to Accelerate Progress so send us your ideas

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Contact Your Legislators

It's all about networking and making your voice heard. The more people we can meet and share our knowledge with, the more we can Accelerate Progress

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Coalition for Faster Progress

A network of organizations who recognize the common systemic barriers to progress and who are working together to overcome them

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We're Accelerate Progress. We know more can be done. We know how to do it. We need your help to make it happen.

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