Other Research

Accelerating Progress

This may include cross-systems research as well as other research outside the scope of our well-defined categories.  It will also include insights from our own team or others we have found particularly relevant or striking. 

For instance, this wonderful piece from Dr. Paul Schellhammer (a member of our Scientific Advisory Board at Accelerated Progress) and Dr. Paul Lange, entitled “Views From The ‘Other Side’:  Personal Reflections About Prostate Cancer From Two Urological Oncologists” is a truly insightful piece about doctors who had their traditional roles somewhat flip-flopped, as they dealt with a diagnosis of prostate cancer themselves.  It clearly has made the two of them more effective both in their personal practices and also in their leadership towards new and better treatment and research paradigms to help bring more and better therapies to patients fighting cancer.  We’re proud to have Dr. Schellhammer as an Advisor and we think many physicians could benefit both from a read of this document as well as from talking with Dr. Schellhammer about his experiences and learnings.

Views From The “Other Side”