How We Work

About Us

Accelerate Progress centers our activities around two primary areas:

1) Policy: We provide policy via whitepapers (our advisors are beginning work on our initial policy paper now), conference papers/presentations, collaboration with policymakers and other thoughtful organizations. Typically, this would be called the ‘think tank’ side of the organization, but at Accelerate Progress we use the term ‘action tank’ because we maintain a focus on not just generating great policy ideas, but actually translating those into actionable, implementable policy items and then taking action to help put them in place for broad use and adoption.  Current focus areas for policy research are:  diagnostics, trial design and analysis, regulatory, and other.

2) Key “Accelerating Science” Research: We are focusing on specific areas where leadership and focus can significantly improve understanding of and use of better science. For instance, we are creating collaborations with leading academic and research institutions to focus on advancing work on adaptive trial designs, Bayesian statistical analyses, biomarker research and validation, diagnostic assay creation/validation, improved data and tissue collection and entry, and other areas that are not currently well-served by for profit organizations often due to lack of incentives or misaligned incentives between organizations.

Support for Accelerate Progress

In order to maintain our independent voice and allow us to act as an acceleration engine drawing from multiple constituences but beholden to none, we do not take funding from pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies developing therapies against life-threatening diseases.  With that in mind, a key to success for Accelerate Progress is to rapidly develop a broad funding base of partners (individuals and organizations) so that we can aggressively pursue these research opportunities that are, without question, available but waiting for someone to drive them, while also supporting the organizational policy work that is far less costly, but no less important.

In summary, Accelerate Progress will be a national leader by example and, through both policy and directing key scientific research in the areas described above, drive the changes necessary to truly accelerate our progress against cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

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