The Mission of Accelerate Progress

The mission of Accelerate Progress is to increase the speed and efficiency of the systems that most directly impact patients fighting cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  This increase in speed and efficiency will deliver for patients faster access to life-saving, life-extending, and other supportive therapies.  We measure progress in terms of lives saved, a reduction in total development time from discovery to patients, and the number of meaningful treatment options available to patients. We seek to identify and then implement improvements to research & development, regulatory, and treatment systems that show the most promise to accelerate our progress against cancer and other such diseases.

To achieve our mission, in addition to identifying and implementing systems improvements noted above, Accelerate Progress will also fund direct research efforts, particularly in the areas of biomarker and related diagnostics research and will focus on areas not currently well served by for-profit organizations.

Accelerate Progress is a recognized 501(c)3 public charity.

Who We Are

Accelerate Progress is driven by the need to do more for patients fighting cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

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Why Accelerate Progress

A background on the need for our society to accelerate progress against cancer and other life-threatening diseases

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How We Work

A brief overview of the particular ways in which we will carry out our work to accelerate progress

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Scientific Advisors

Concientious, dedicated thought leaders across disciplines make up the Scientific Advisory Board for Accelerate Progress

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Policy Advisors

The group responsible for ensuring that our policy work is appropriately thoughtful, actionable, and implementable

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Working to Accelerate Progress Every Day

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Values that define the work of Accelerate Progress

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Board of Directors

Our Organization's Directors

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